About Qasr Museum-Garden:

The story of this place has been ingrained with names such as "Ghasr (Palace)", "Bostan (Garden)" and "Zendan (Prison)".

At first, it was named "Bostan-e Khorramabad" (Khorramabad Garden) which had been laid on Gheytarieh course to the city of Ray beside Shemiran old road ravine. Then, following the construction of a luxurious building on it, it was named "Ghasr" (Palace) in 1798.

About 130 years later foundations of the first Iranian modern prison were founded on the destructions of the "Ghasr" and its surrounding lands to be named as "Zendan-e Ghasr" (Palace Prison) in 1929.

With the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran and its brilliant achievements and based on Tehran cultural development plan during the management period of Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Tehran mayor, it was named "Bagh Muzeh-ye Ghasr" (Palace Garden Museum) in September 2012, to represent a part of the history and culture of the past two centuries of Iran.



Photos Of Qasr Museum-Garden: